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The Retail Computer Group, LLC, (TRCG) was founded on January 1st, 2008 and was the result of the merger of two long-standing and successful computer solutions providers. Da-Tronics Incorporated, an Ohio-based company founded by Donald Miller in 1961, and Diversified Computer Solutions Inc., a Wisconsin based firm founded by Mark Simmons and Herb Quandt in 1994 merged, bringing the complimenting strengths of two top ten Radiant Business Partners together. The result of this merger has been the creation of a strong business, providing automated solutions to business challenges to over 600 clients in 46 states, with our primary product being the Counterpoint Point-of-Sale software. TRCG also sells and supports electronic medical records and medical billing systems for a number of physicians’ practices in Ohio.


In 2009, TRCG was honored by Radiant Systems Inc. (now owned by NCR), as their top world-wide partner of POS solutions for their specialty retail division, and also received awards for reaching the 1,000 plus user platform of the newest version of the software, their SQL product. Since then, they have consistently finished in the top four most productive partners world-wide in total sales volume.


TRCG has been profitable since its creation and our goal is to grow our sales 15% a year.


The merger of the two businesses has given TRCG a vast amount of experience and talent to service our clients’ needs. Our group of specialized software and support technicians have over 100 years of experienced combined. Our technical support staff makes up the vast majority of our total staff, demonstrating our dedication to the high level of service our clients need and expect. There are many good POS solutions in the marketplace today, however, none of them will provide an acceptable return on their investment without a strong support system behind them. This is what the two original companies were founded on, and this philosophy continues to be TRCG’s primary focus.


TRCG also has relationships with several extremely capable people and organizations around the country. This gives us additional resources and experience to service our client base. These relationships give us a local presence in many areas where we would not otherwise be able to provide service on site in a quick and efficient manner. Maintaining strong relationships with our clients is critical to the successful implementation of any automated system.


We sell, install, set up, train, and support all the products that we sell, including hardware and software. Also TRCG has a team of experienced programmers to further enhance the overall functionality of CounterPoint based on our client’s unique business needs. TRCG has also developed a variety of custom applications for specific industries.


TRCG will always recommend the proper solution for your business. This solution will seldom be the least expensive, but will always provide an excellent return on your investment for years to come.


We appreciate that our clients and our team members are the two most important assets that we have and we strive very hard to keep the level of satisfaction for both these groups high.



If you are interested in working with The Retail Computer Group, LLC, please contact us at (800) 944-0917.

We are always interested in working with you!


Dana Miller -Chairman/CFO

Mark Simmons -President/Sales & Marketing


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