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TRCG’s Bound Book has been built from the ground up to keep pace with you and your business. Utilizing sound SQL programming procedures, we can quickly adapt and update the Bound Book as you take CounterPoint SQL well into the future. As part of every ATF Bound Book system we deliver, TRCG bundles its ATF Bound Book update service. This annual fee ensures your ATF Bound Book stays compliant with changing ATF regulations as well



Benefits include


The Retail Computer Group's Electronic Bound Book Flow Chart

All Your Bound Book Needs Integrated

  The CounterPoint ATF Bound Book is fully integrated into CounterPoint for

  seamless use with full security control.




• All Acquisitions and Dispositions Tracked By the Bound Book

  All CounterPoint inventory transactions flagged as bound book entries are

  tracked as acquisitions or dispositions in the Bound Book. Non CounterPoint

  acquisitions or dispositions such as customer repairs are also tracked in the

  Bound Book.



• Detailed Bound Book Entries All In One Place

  All firearm attributes are captured at the time of a transaction and written

  into the Bound Book for historical purposes. Changes to firearm attributes in

  CounterPoint do not affect historical Bound Book entries.

• Point of Sale Transactions Seamlessly Integrate Into the Bound Book

  Sales and returns as well as trade-ins update the ATF Bound Book. You can

  optionally run customer repairs through Point-of-Sale or through the Repair In/

  Repair Out screen from your repair shop counter.



• Automatic Bound Book Transaction Validation

   ATF Bound Book sales and returns are validated at time of ticket completion. Users

   are prompted to verify a buyer’s current address and information at time of sale.





• Maximizing system lifespan

  Our systems use solid state electronics and industrial power supplies to provide

  quiet, trouble-free operations. The average time to service is nearly five years,

  ensuring many sales seasons of uninterrupted service.

• Simplified Firearm Item Maintenance

  Using custom CounterPoint ATF Bound Book fields added to the item

  maintenance screen, one can easily add and flag firearms as Bound Book

  eligible entries when transactions occur.


A single check box is used to indicate an item

   is a Bound Book entry.

All firearm attributes are validated lookups

   ensuring consistency across all items entered as firearms in

   CounterPoint SQL.

All firearm attributes are definable and  maintainable by the user.

All firearm attributes are “required” ensuring

   no Bound Book entry is missing a critical piece of information.

Validated attributes ensures proper reporting when running Bound Book


• Keyword Lookups of Any Bound Book Entry

  Powerful keyword lookups of Bound Book information make finding an entry a

  breeze. Keyword lookups support partial serial numbers, acquisition names as well

  as disposition names.



•Powerful Bound Book Reporting

  Utilizing CounterPoint’s Custom Report Filter capabilities allows you to search and

  report on any combination of Bound Book data. Using powerful SQL commands

  such as ”Contains” allows you to report on and find partial serial number transaction




• Reports Are Simple and Easy to Read

  By using industry standard Crystal Reports for all reporting, users can customize

  any Bound Book report data to fit their business needs.