Cloud Backup

The Retail Computer Group offer cloud backup solutions.


What is a cloud backup?

-A copy of you data at a remote location away from your business.


Why have a cloud backup?

-With cloud backups no matter the how bad the damage you can rebuild.


With backups taken everyday you only ever loss a day of work.

Recover from Ransomware

It takes many hours to recover from a ransomware attack, and that downtime threatens the success of any business.

Natural Disaster

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Floods! When natural disasters hit they're an immediate threat to business continuity.

End User Error

Despite your best efforts, downtime can happen with a few careless click. Social engineering attacks can trick your employees into sharing user credentials and sensitive data.

Stolen Hardware

When your company laptop goes missing, it's time to leap into action! Whether it was stolen from your car, forgotten in the airport security line or was physically wrenched from your hands in a grab and run.

Peace of Mind

Regardless of the security processes you've put in place, you always need a failover site available for your data and systems to protect against the unexpected.

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