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"I wanted to take a moment and thank the entire team of The Retail Computer

Group for their outstanding support in our recent conversion of V7 to SQL.


                                                                                It started with Jason in sales who arranged a demo and worked alongside our IT

                                                                                company to compile the necessary equipment needed for the conversion.


                                                                                Russ was our main point of contact for converting data and setting up our

                                                                                company on SQL. His knowledge and attention to detail was impressive! He was

                                                                                committed to learning about our business and providing solutions for our specific



                                                                                Training from TRCG provided us with the education and experience needed for a

                                                                                smooth transition. We continue to receive excellent, prompt response when we

                                                                                have a question or problem.


I was very worried and intimidated to make this transition. The support and tools we have received from TRCG has made this a wonderful experience! I would highly recommend The Retail Computer Group to anyone wanting to upgrade or improve on

their POS technology."


Kelly Dawes

Owner/ President

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"Building 9 has had the distinct pleasure of working with The Retail Computer Group (TRCG) for the past year. We can not say enough about how great the experience has been. TRCG has been the absolute best from top to bottom, training, follow up calls, sales, IT department, service, and much more. The point of sale terminals have far exceeded our expectations. This is a TRUE point of sale system period! We can speak from experience on other point of sales being in retail business for over 32 years. We will never go anywhere else."


Shane Haumesser

Vice President

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Building 9's large warehouse.

"I consider The Retail Computer Group and CounterPoint to be a remarkable combination of support and technology.


I have installed six different POS systems since 1991, each with some Help Department function.  Nothing has come close to The Retail Computer Group for their knowledge, competence, skill, efficiency, helpfulness, good character, and professionalism.  As a side note, I was with a different tech support group when I first started with CounterPoint, and by comparison, that experience helps gives me the complete appreciation of and absolute confidence in The Retail Computer Group.


When we first signed up with TRCG we had a real mess on our hands, computer software-wise.  TRCG picked up the pieces and waded in, eventually setting things right.  It seemed a miracle after what we had been through the whole year leading up to that.


I totally respect how the people at TRCG have been selected

for their aptitude and well-trained in all aspects of this vast

software, especially considering they must take into account

hardware, power outage, payment systems, and operator error

as well as software features, all of it thousands of miles from

where they sit. The pressure of a system-down must be heavy

at times, but they handle it with grace, including the difficulties

they encountered with our 3rd party security and PCI

compliance unit.


A complex, full-featured package like Counterpoint has many

layers of features, and it takes years to fully grasp all it can do.

I don’t foresee ever outgrowing CounterPoint.The more we use

it, the more ways we find it useful.


TRCG is thoroughly competent in CounterPoint.  In addition, they are forward-thinking in planning for future changes, proactive rather than reactive."


Dianna Taplin

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