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Drive Profitability and Optimize Results


Go beyond video surveillance with Searchlight for Retail, March Networks video-based business intelligence solution that helps you increase customer satisfaction, improve marketing and operations and grow your bottom line. Easy-to-use tools give you fast access to transaction data integrated with video and highly-accurate analytics. Analyze transactions, gain insight into customer and employee behavior and identify trends so you can track and improve business results.

Enjoy Security and

Peace of Mind


The March Networks retail solution offers unparalleled reliability so your video and data is always there when you need it. Centralized video management, high-performance NVRs, IP cameras and powerful business intelligence software deliver superior surveillance and asset protection. Feature-rich live monitoring capabilities, such as camera tampering and motion detection, alert security staff to potential threats in real-time. And video evidence is quick to find and always crystal-clear.

Increase Operational Efficiency


See what’s happening in your stores – from the point-of-sale (POS) to backroom areas. View regular thumbnail images from one or more locations and spot-check for cleanliness, correct product placements, brand compliance and more. With Searchlight for Retail’s time-saving customized reports, you’re quickly alerted to theft and fraud, loitering, and other suspicious activity. Searchlight’s powerful business intelligence metrics also enable you to proactively address long customer wait times, improve service and better manage your workforce.

Retailers worldwide are using the March Networks retail solutions for asset protection, loss prevention, and the critical operational intelligence needed to stay ahead of the competition. Whether it’s combating theft and organized retail crime, or using video-based business intelligence to improve operations, marketing and customer satisfaction, we’ve got you covered.  -Click here to learn more