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NCR Smart Alerts is a mobile alerting tool allowing you to keep track of what happens in your store at all times. Alerts are designed to send actionable data in the form of a text or an email. As a small retailer, you are busy and cannot be everywhere at once.


With NCR Smart Alerts, you don’t have to be. Alerts fall into 3 categories and include:



•  Low inventory

•  Cash drawer over or short

•  Failed credit card settlement

•  Flash sales detail

•  High sales volume


•  Large price override

•  Excessive “No sale” transactions

•  Return before or after store hours

•  Quote summary

•  Excessive voided tickets

•  Large discount



•  Pending orders quick report

•  Large sale

•  No one signed in at store open


Choose the alerts that are most important to you and set

up parameters that fit with your business. Pick which alerts

you want to receive and which alerts you want your managers

to receive.


NCR Smart Alerts is your operation’s eyes and ears.

Now you can be at all places at once.

Key Features

•  Be instantly alerted to potentially fraudulent situations, minimizing harm to your


•  Receive daily sales figures via text or email. Review key performance indicators

   anytime, anywhere, maintaining control of your business while you  are offsite.

•  Monitor store operations through key alerts including low inventory warnings,

   current cash on hand. notifications, alerts if no one has signed in when a store

   opens, and notifications of large sales or refunds.



NCR Smart Alerts

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