Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

"My experience through ten years of using CounterPoint POS with The Retail Computer Group technical support brings only one conclusion: They are top of the line in every way.


The Retail Computer Group excels in all aspects of support, including (but not limited to): installing the program, installing and setting up hardware (computers, printers, card readers, etc.) rescuing and reviving the program from a previous support company’s setup, leading us through use of normal, and sometimes obscure, features, tracking down and repairing glitches/operator errors, answering questions, being available in emergencies, and being proactive about upcoming issues. And they do virtually all of this online, no physical hands on, and in prompt and courteous manner.


CounterPoint POS is a robust point of sale system.  Tech Support people at TRCG have deep knowledge of it, and proficiency in understanding the questions and delegating the issue to the staff member best experienced in dealing with any particular aspect. They have overlap and backup, which is good due to the complex, full featured nature of the product.  The support people are eager to solve problems, and eager to please.  The entire staff exhibits professionalism, each in their own area of technical skill in networking, program features, peripherals, and personal service.  Every person who has helped me from The Retail Computer Group has gone to great lengths to ensure a good outcome.


I feel confident in giving high praise because I have been using retail point of sale systems for 30 years, (since basically the Stone Age, in computer lives) about 10 various programs at one time or another.  That equates to experience with 10 companies of Technical Support.  Some of them were sadly lacking, most were adequate.  Never was anyone as thorough as TRCG.   My experience with The Retail Computer Group far surpasses in every way, any and all of the other support entities I have ever used.  I am grateful to have the team at TRCG available and ready to help.  The Retail Computer Group rates AAA, and 5/5, plus bonus points."


Dianna Taplin

Cad-Re Feeds and Grandma’s Cupboard


"We purchased the TRCG Bound Book option with Counterpoint works as advertised! The product keeps track of our firearms sales from the register including all the regulatory reporting required by the ATF by entering data just once through the Counterpoint point-of-sale register. We also have fast access to data as needed and we now spend far less time hunting for information about our firearms and our customers. The support we receive, when we need it, is also first rate and very fast. They help our staff in a professional and easy-to-understand way and their response time when we need help is great as well. Thanks for helping make our business easier to run and more profitable!! "


Bobby Turkovich

"We have been using Counterpoint POS since 1999 where we called upon our reseller for all our sales and support needs.  Many years ago that reseller decided to no longer support Counterpoint and recommended we use The Retail Computer Group.  Since that time our experience with TRCG sales and support services has been outstanding.  We are a small brick and mortar religious gift shop with an ecommerce website as well.  Any time we have needed support, TRCG has been there for us.  Whether it was a planned upgrade or in case of an emergency.  We find their support engineers very knowledgeable and able to troubleshoot and get our systems up with very little downtime.  I could not recommend a better Counterpoint POS sales and support partner then TRCG."


Bob Vaal

Director of IT


"I wanted to take a moment and thank the entire team of The Retail Computer


Group for their outstanding support in our recent conversion of V7 to SQL. It started with Jason in sales who arranged a demo and worked alongside our IT company to compile the necessary equipment needed for the conversion.


Russ was our main point of contact for converting data and setting up our company on SQL. His knowledge and attention to detail was impressive! He was committed to learning about our business and providing solutions for our specific needs.

Training from TRCG provided us with the education and experience needed for a smooth transition. We continue to receive excellent, prompt response when we have a question or problem.


I was very worried and intimidated to make this transition. The support and tools we have received from TRCG has made this a wonderful experience! I would highly recommend The Retail Computer Group to anyone wanting to upgrade or improve on their POS technology."


Kelly Dawes

Owner/ President

College Traditions


"I just wanted to let you know of the amazing support that Weaver’s Orchard has received from Arik and Scott the past few weeks. Especially Scott, he has worked very hard to get us functioning with the Lane5000 issue that we are having. He also went above and beyond in my opinion to follow up with me on a Friday night after hours to see if Arik had gotten our new POS5 register up and running before the end of the day because we were having so many issues with the install. We continue to work with Arik on this register issue, but Scott worked Friday night and Saturday the 11th and 12th to be able to get us a functional register to use on a very busy Saturday 9/12/20. This past weekend was even more busy that I can ever remember in my 5 years of working here and although we still have to manually open the register drawer for cash, check transactions on the new POS5 we are at least able to use the register. We are very, very thankful for this wonderful support!"


Becky Howe

Food Safety Director

Wholesale Accountant

Payroll Clerk

Weaver’s Orchard, Inc




"Building 9 has had the distinct pleasure of working with The Retail Computer Group (TRCG) for the past year. We can not say enough about how great the experience has been. TRCG has been the absolute best from top to bottom, training, follow up calls, sales, IT department, service, and much more. The point of sale terminals have far exceeded our expectations. This is a TRUE point of sale system period! We can speak from experience on other point of sales being in retail business for over 32 years. We will never go anywhere else."


Shane Haumesser

Vice President

Building 9 Building Materials


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